My dear, sweet baby sister, You’re going to be a wonderful mom. You know how I know? Because you’re the most loving person I know. Whenever I’ve needed a hug? You’ll give one. And not just one of those “Oh, hey, nice to see you” hugs, but a full body experience for at least the … Continue reading Welcome

“Well I uh, I did skip the 4th grade.” – Ross

My daughter is one of the smartest people I know. Her brain has yet to fill up, if anything, it seems inexhaustible, immeasurable, endless — this ability to devour and retain information. She was reluctant to speak those first several months, it wasn't until after her first birthday that she decided using her vocal cords … Continue reading “Well I uh, I did skip the 4th grade.” – Ross

So me

I hope I never get tired of taking pictures, the color blue, and reading. I hope I always love tacos and margaritas and Mexican music and culture. The Spanish language and people. I hope I always remember to focus inwards and be aware, awareness is the root of everything. I hope my kids grow up … Continue reading So me

An ode to The Meadows

My parents bought 60 acres over a decade ago with dreams of our entire family building on it, complete with visuals of all the grandchildren riding around on bikes between the houses to borrow and return butter. The son married a Canadian and moved to Vancouver, B.C. and has no desire to build and/or return … Continue reading An ode to The Meadows

Big sister

Who's my big sister? She's the Bimmy to my Dodo. She's the Yaaallloow! to my Purrrpllle! She's the reason I wear black socks with my black pants and shoes now like a grown up, and the reason I change my kitchen sponges out frequently. She was the escape driver that snuck me out of the … Continue reading Big sister

Struggle & Love

I have spent the last week feeling like one more teeny tiny microscopic thing is going to be what does me in. I have dealt with so much suffering — or if I want to look at it from an enlightened angle, growth — in the last few months... I mean, the Struggle is Real people. … Continue reading Struggle & Love

The Witness Consciousness

Who am I? That seems to be the theme of my twenties and thirties. Am I the voice that incessantly comments on everything I see, every emotion I have, and waffles from every single viewpoint available? Am I the angry, sad, happy emotions that overwhelm me? Am I this body, the physical form that I … Continue reading The Witness Consciousness

“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.”

I am blessed to live by the ocean, in the great Puget Sound. Everyday I get to see the changing shore, the constantly wavering shape of the tide and beach, the wondrous variety of horizon, of clouds and sky and water line, the colors, oh the millions of colors, the light and dark, the warm … Continue reading “The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.”

When you’re a mom

When you're a mom there's no "off the clock." You stay up with the fever and the asthma attack and fighting monsters and you still go to work in the morning. You buy lots of little clothes while you sew your own buttons back on. You make sure they're fed before rushing to the bus … Continue reading When you’re a mom