I love tacos. And my husband. Oh, my two girls, I love them like water loves a crevasse; I fall right into them. I have a day job and it is helping me grow. I have a therapist and they are helping me grow. As does said husband and kids. And tacos. And reading… I love to read. I live in the most beautiful corner of the world, in the Pacific Northwest in Washington State.

I have discovered that God is Love and their names are interchangeable and that has changed something in me. Love is not scary to me as God has always been, this realization has allowed me to live a life of Love freely, as before I felt I was detached from Love… now I know that I am Love and the rest of life is what is detached, separate, it’s the illusion. Love is all I am, it is the best part of me, it is what keeps me alive and in love and lets me enjoy my husband and daughters and tacos and reading and, most recently, writing. I have always written, and my best writing has been when I’m talking about how much I love something, and someones. I have found that since I am Love, the way Love is expressed through me has always been in my writing. And so I write.