Sixty two


Happy birthday mom! You get to stay 60 for forever as we, despite our best efforts, are rapidly catching up.

You were Coral’s age when you had me, your third kid. It’s so sweet to watch Coral on the other side of the globe, enjoying and living her best life. That’s because of you and your strength, and I thank you for teaching her that part of you. That brave, Leo part of you that looked at any obstacle and said “Sure, why not.” Like having three kids by 22. Like deciding at 30 to have one more and start the parenting process all over. Like how at my age, 39, when your teenager told you she was pregnant and you knew she’d need your help every step of the way even though she didn’t quite know that yet herself, you said “Sure, why not” to that too.

Like when your brother was in trouble and you swooped in and brought him home and loved him and cared for him until his last breath. The few months surrounding your 50th birthday you lost your brother and your dad, and you were gifted with your mother to care for and one more grandbaby to help raise for your last decade that we didn’t know was your last decade. You spent your 60 years in service, and in love, to those you loved. I’m so glad I got to be one of your beloveds. I don’t know why I’m still surprised we wore you out so quickly.

And now here’s 62, an age you’ll never see or be. Part of the grieving process is coming to terms with your own mortality, so I can’t help but wonder if I’ll live to surpass you, if I’ll make it to 62 and remember this particular day, when you should have been 62, but instead the other side had asked you to love in a different capacity, over there, and you said “Sure, why not.” I love and miss you something terrible mom. ❤️❤️

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