Baby Sister

This is the time of your life you are going to look back on with wonder and awe at the strength you were able to summon and the love that you were able to emanate from the depths of your soul. These will be known as your Warrior Years, when you fought your most heroic battles and grew to your greatest heights. When you crawled out of your abominable cave and shone the brightest bright of your life. When you let YOU show through, and amazed us all. This is the time that you realize a part of yourself went with mom, and a part of her stayed with you. When you let the darkness pass through you and catapult your transformation. This is the time of your life when you realize that you have to live your life, to make her proud. When you took mother’s love and gifts and blessings and paid them forward. This is YOUR time to shine.

Happy crappy 30th Birthday, oh shimmering one.

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