I was asked by a former employee to write a letter of recommendation for a scholarship she is applying for, and I asked if she wanted it from work-me or me-me, and she wanted one from me-me.

I’ve never been asked for a letter of recommendation before, and I was nervous and, not having the buffer of the company logo and branding, I felt bare sitting down to write about a young woman who I adore and was very sad to see go.

However, as usual, the hardest part is getting myself psyched up and my butt in the chair. As soon as I became present to who she is for me and how much I wanted her to get this scholarship, or any future job, the words just flowed. A little formatting and twenty minutes later, I had a letter that I thought sounded pretty good and decided to print her out about six of them because I wanted her to be able to apply for many scholarships and/or jobs and be successful.

I took them to her at her new job (a coffee shop) and they were in the middle of a rush, so I only got to give her a hug and the envelope and was on my merry way.

FullSizeRenderShe texted me later one of the kindest texts I’ve ever received, and it confirmed my ever-doubting belief that I am a writer, that I need to write, that I express my best self when I am writing. (Face to face conversation? I’m a complete fumbling buffoon, but writing, I’m an eloquent college professor.) (Says the middle school dropout who probably has six typos above. Spell check!)

Book publishing? Iiiii’m building up to it.

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