We celebrate three anniversaries; when we met, when we became “us” (today), and when we stood (and knelt) in front of all our family and friends and promised to love each other everyday for the rest of forever. It was 15 years ago today that we, best friends for the last year, went to Seattle and walked around in the pouring rain for ten+ hours waiting for an international movie to start. We sat in the theater late that night and somehow we were holding hands for the first time, I don’t remember who reached for whom (there were margaritas involved), and afterwards, when we’d driven all the way back to Bellingham at 2:30 in the morning and you had to work in one hour, one of us asked the other to be more than friends and the other one said yes. The details are blurry but the emotion I felt is still strong. I mean, who could resist your charms, look how irresistible you were!  This day is in my Top Ten Best Days of All Time, because my best friend and I started our grand adventure together as “us.” I love you my chulo, más hoy que ayer.

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