Happy Birthday Honey

The most astonishing man I’ve ever met was born this day a handful of years ago. Every day I am thankful our paths crossed, that it is you I’ve chosen as my family, that you fell in love with me and my little girl, that you have been with us each day since, and we’ve created this happy little family together.

I took this picture of you after we’d been apart for the first time in three years (you, a sister’s wedding in Mexico – me, stayed home and realized I never wanted to be away from you again), and unknown to you, I’d had your engagement ring in my pocket.

I almost couldn’t wait for our camping trip the next weekend, the look in your kind eyes told me it would be yes and I was filled with such immense joy. To steal a line from a great romantic comedy like the sap I am, “You complete me.” Feliz cumpleaños amor.

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