You are 18

You are 18.

This is the day I have been outwardly joking about with anticipation and secretly dreading with every fiber of my being since the moment I found out I was pregnant with you.

As I fumbled through this thing called parenthood, you, YOU, became this amazing creature all on your own; you are kind, confident, responsible, compassionate, endearing, and considerate.

You have the power to light up a room, to soothe a troubled heart, make people feel like the only person you see, and the fabulous and rare gift of loving unconditionally.

You have weathered many storms in your life and have always come out better for having done so. You seem to float through troubles instead of letting them permeate you – please see this as the miraculous blessing that it is.

I hope you always know that you mean the world to me. Feel it in your bones and carry it with you. I am proud of many things but I am the most proud of you.

Happy birthday sweetie.

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