10th Anniversary

In honor of our tenth wedding anniversary, here are ten things I love about you my chulo:
1. The way you always thank me, for everything.
2. How you adore our girls.
3. Your patience – unparalleled.
4. Your mad gardening skills.
5. Your sense of humor, which is outstanding and unfortunately most people don’t see that side of you, Mr. Quiet.
6. Your accent – fricken adorable.
7. Your laugh – I love to make you laugh.
8. Your respect and the way we’ve always been equals – both of us sharing the work, in and out of the home.
9. Your consistent presence.
10. That you’ve loved and put up with me for a total of 14 years and still tell me with your words and actions everyday how much you love and adore me. I’ve never felt so cherished. Here’s to another ten years mi mejor amigo! I love you!!

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